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If you're a business owner located in Oklahoma or surrounding states, we are a power team that can help you take your business venture to a whole new level of success.

"I was absolutely blown away by the response in my business after working with the Fenells!

Initially I was VERY SKEPTICAL, but there wasn't anything that I needed to worry about

The statement "too good to be true" applies to the results I've accomplished", Doug C.

Would YOU Like to ADD an Additional SIX-FIGURE Income to YOUR Practice or Business?

We are Looking for TOP-LEVEL LEADERS to PARTNER With
We Want to Help You Develop the Business of Your Dreams.



We are looking for the right business owners and entrepreneurs to team up with and help to achieve their dreams. We are committed to your team's success so we are interviewing for the right people or couples to partner with. We only accept two couples per quarter to partner with so our selection is on a fist come basis.


Why Just TWO Businesses per quarter?

Because We're Serious About Helping the Right Leaders Become



We Prefer to Locate Two Leaders Who Live Within

an Easy Driving Distance from Tulsa So That We

Can Provide the Support They Need for Fast Growth and Success


We are the FASTEST Couple to

Reach the BLUE DIAMOND Level With doTERRA essential oils

We have built, operated, and sold several million-dollar businesses.

Become the FASTEST GROWING Business in Your Category Right Now!

We Have a SYSTEM - And We Can Teach YOU to Emulate Our Results

There's No Hype - Just Amazing Mentoring and Leadership - Helping Real People Become


Have You Thought Much About Retirement?

Maybe You've Got Quite a Few Years Before You'll be Ready to Retire

But the Statistics Show that MOST People Can't Live
the Type of Lifestyle They Prefer When They Retire

Creating a Secondary Source of Income is One of the BEST Things You Can Do
to Protect Yourself and Your Family


Also if you've been wanting to learn more about using essential oils 
or building a business inside of your existing business to promote the oils,
then you came to the right place.

Practitioners and Doctors of various types are Searching for Ways to Enhance Their Income.

We've Discovered Over this Past Year That There's NO BETTER VEHICLE

Than doTERRA Essential Oils for Sustainable Wealth Generation


doTERRA Essential Oils Compensation Plan


for several companies and BY FAR

doTERRA's comp plan is WAY BETTER than the other companies

In Fact We Looked at Compensation Plans for the TOP 50 Most Common Companies
That Distribute a Product via a Network Marketing Channel.  None of Them Even Came
Close to the Competitive Pay Structure that doTERRA Has Created for It's Wellness Advocates.

If you want to make a vast increase in the financial success of your practice or for your family,
then you need to take a serious look at what doTERRA has to offer. 

If you prefer to call us please call 918-381-4263 to speak directly with Kiyla Fenell

So whether you need help on your core business or you'd like to achieve success in the essential oil arena, 
we are willing and excited to work with you to achieve your dreams and vision for success. 
You can change your business and success today
or wait until next year to be in the same spot.
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