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Upper & Lower Extremity
Adjusting Symposium
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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • How to Master the Art & Skill of Carpal Adjusting to Help More Patients
  • Provide Painless Manual Wrist Adjustments that Get Loud Audibles, Normalize Carpal Biomechanics and Get Patients Well Fast
  • Shoulder Biomechanics and  Adjusting, Including Scapulothoracic Articulation & Glenohumeral Joint
  • Ankle/Foot Adjusting - Hindfoot and Mid-foot Tarsal Biomechanics and Adjusting Technique
  • Knee Pain and How to Manage Knee Patients
  • How to Create a Unique Practice Niche that will Evaporate All Competition and Set You Apart from the Other DCs in Your Community
  • How to Attract Dozens of New Patients Through Becoming Proficient at Adjusting the Hands and Feet
  • And more...
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