An Extremity Adjusting Experience  That Will Transform Your Practice

Specific Adjusting Techniques for Foot & Ankle
Wrist & Hand
Shoulder & Elbow
Voted by Hundreds of DCs as "The Best Extremity Adjusting Training In The Industry"

Denver, CO - Saturday October 17
Kansas City/Lenexa, KS - Saturday October 31
What You'll Learn at this Extremity Adjusting Symposium...
  • Basic and Advanced Carpal Adjusting Techniques
  • How to Differentiate Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Pronator Teres Syndrome and 5 other Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapment Syndromes and Adjusting Protocols for Each
  • Shoulder Adjusting Techniques (Scapulothoractic Articulation & Glenohumeral)
  • ​New Scapulothoracic Mobilization for Scar Tissue
  • ​Introduction to Elbow Adjusting (Safe Techniques to Restore Range of Motion and Function) 
  • ​Foot and Ankle Adjusting Techniques 
  • ​Knee Adjusting Technique
  • ​Managing Patient Care
  • ​How to Move Bones in the Wrist, Shoulder, Feet, and other Extremity Joints Like You Never Have Before - This Symposium Will Rock Your World!   
Register ONLINE Using the Link Below or Call to Register: 888-505-9606
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LOCATION: DoubleTree Hotel,
Kansas City/Overland Park, Kansas

DATE:  Saturday, October 31, 2020

TIME:  9:00am - 6:00pm

CE Hours:  8 CEs (KS & MO)

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Other 2020 Extremity Adjusting Training Events
These Are Private, Advanced Extremity Training Events for CHFA™ Fellowship Doctors
Our doctors learn to master the art and skill of extremity adjusting and case management.

November 20 & 21

Become The Hand & Foot Chiropractor™
In Your Community

As a CHFA™ Doctor You Develop a Unique Niche and Learn How to Set Yourself Apart and Evaporate The Competition

"Becoming a CHFA Doctor is the best decision I ever made in my practice career. After 19 years of practice as a primarily spinal based chiropractor, I enrolled into Dr. Fenell's CHFA fellowship program. My practice experienced a huge shift after I made the decision to become the hand & foot chiropractor in my community. I had bee seeing 20 patients per day for years and within six to eight months after starting the CHFA fellowship I was consistently seeing 50-60 patients per day. Before CHFA I always "dabbled" with adjusting the extremities, but never seemed as confident and as proficient as I was with spinal adjusting. My extremity adjusting skills have improved by 1000% since joining CHFA and participating in the advanced hands-on extremity training events. I am now known as the hand and foot chiropractor in my community and receive a lot more referrals than I used to before CHFA. Becoming the hand and foot chiropractor really has revolutionized my practice.  Practice had never been this exciting previously! I am so grateful for the CHFA fellowship." 

Dr. Tracy Russell, Bartlesville, OK

"I was a student in chiropractic college when I decided to enroll as a CHFA Doctor.  I had been to several different extremity adjusting seminars as a student with many different instructors and i thought I had seen it all until I witnessed Dr. Fenell adjust that first wrist within an hour of the seminar getting started. I was absolutely floored by the audible release he got with carpal adjusting. I knew right then that I had to participate with whatever it was that CHFA had to offer. A few months later I graduated from college and not after less than two years in practice I'm known by my peers as the "go-to-doctor" for hands, feet and other extremity joints.  In fact I have received dozens of patient referrals from my own colleagues (other DCs in the Northglenn and Denver area) - other DCs referring their difficult (and easy) extremity patients to me for chiropractic care. I know we're not supposed to call ourselves an expert or specialist, but it's almost as if my fellow DCs look at me that way. Practice has been so fun and exciting as a Hand & Foot Chiropractor.  I'd recommend CHFA to any DC who wants to master extremity adjusting and grow their practice to a whole new level." 

Dr. Russ Birdsall, Northglenn, CO

"I practice in a competitive area for chiropractors, but being a CHFA Doctor has given me a definite competitive advantage. Interestingly most DCs don't seem to adjust the hand and feet on their patients, but so many patients suffer with hand or foot problems. Becoming a Hand & Foot Chiropractor has been a real practice booster. The credibility that being affiliated with CHFA has drawn many new patients into my practice. I also enjoy the advanced training because there is always something I take away that makes a big impact on my practice from either a practice management or from an extremity adjusting technique perspective.  Thank you CHFA." 

Dr. Charles, McGrath, Hood River, OR


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